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First of all congratulations on being engaged to your very lucky partner. Here we keep wedding photography fun, relaxing, and playful and of course natural! We don’t pose you like any photographer you may have had before or you have been looking at, we pose our couples in natural and fun way. 

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 Our Wedding styles you can choose 

Documentary, Wedding Photo journalism and Reportage style
Documentary, Wedding photo journalism and Reportage style wedding photography are all the same thing.
There are Just Many different ways to explain the same style. It’s a natural way of shooting a wedding with vary little “posey” type photographs, and of course its the most relaxing kind of wedding photography without having a camera in front of you for the whole day.
Fine Art Wedding Photographic Style
With me using the term “Fine Art wedding photography” it has its own place in the wedding photography world I don’t spend 1 hour for your personals like I would with documentary style with you as a couple but I would spend around 3 hours with you doing the personals don’t worry 3 hours actually flys by fairly fast.
I spend the 3 hours doing the personals because Fine Art wedding photographic style is not a quick come here and pose it’s about spending the time to make amazing images that you don’t just want in your wedding album but want prints for your wall at home where it belongs, To me Fine Art photography is art plan and simple.
Destination Weddings
Destination Weddings must be a challenging one i must admit but it does not have to be like that.
We will sort out our travel and stay and handle all the photographic needs for your wedding (we charge an extra £1,500 for a destination wedding and all travel and stay costs are covered.

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An Engagement Photography Shoot

I am so passionate about the effectiveness of the engagement photography sessions that I always include them completely free of charge to all our wedding clients, and in our wedding collections. 

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